Who's in jail santa ana?

This database lists people currently in jail and includes information about their charges, the amount of the bond and the photo of the reservation. Inclusion in these lists does not indicate guilt. Jail Cashier Admission and Release Center: 24 hours a day 550 North Flower Street Santa Ana, CA 92703. The Santa Ana Central Jail receives inmates from Orange County cities such as Santa Ana, Irvine, Costa Mesa, Huntington Beach, Anaheim and Newport Beach. In case you want to send a package, Santa Ana Jail (ICE) requires prior notice and approval from the prison administration.

The Orange County Jail Central Men's and Women's Jail opened in November 1968 and is traditional linear-style facilities (cells and dormitories) that house sentenced and awaiting trial maximum security inmates. The Santa Ana Jail (ICE) allows inmates to receive mail and packages, as long as they comply with prison laws. You can also find out if an inmate is being housed in the Santa Ana Jail (ICE) by calling the jail at 714-245-8100 and asking for the person of interest. The Santa Ana Jail (ICE) has 2 cells for minors and 27 cells for adults plus 2 cells for adults.

Both the federal and California departments of corrections participate in the annual inspection of the Santa Ana Jail (ICE), to ensure that standards are met.

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