What percentage of santa fe is white?

John's College, a liberal arts college; the Institute of American Indian Arts, a tribal college for Native American arts; Southwestern College, a graduate school of art counseling and therapy; and Santa Fe Community College. The most common jobs Santa Fe, NM residents occupy by number of employees are management occupations (5,043 people), office & administrative support occupations (4,482 people), and sales & related occupations (4,283 people). Santa Fe is also home to the internationally acclaimed María Benítez Institute of Spanish Arts of the flamenco dancer, which offers programs and performances in flamenco, Spanish guitar and similar arts throughout the year. Under Juan de Oñate and his son, the capital of the province was the settlement of San Juan de los Caballeros north of Santa Fe, near the modern Ohkay Owingeh Pueblo.

Before the European colonization of the Americas, the area that Santa Fe occupied between 900 CE and 1500 was known to the Tewa peoples as Oghá P'o'oge (“place of white shell water”) and by the Navajos as Yootó (“pearl” + “place of water”). Santa Fe has its own professional ballet company, Aspen Santa Fe Ballet, which performs in both cities and tours nationally and internationally. The most common industries in Santa Fe, NM, by number of employees, are Retail (5,564 people), Social Welfare & Health Care (5,460 people), and Housing & Food Services (4,550 people). However, the second Spanish governor of New Mexico, Don Pedro de Peralta, founded a new city at the foot of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains in 1607, which he called La Villa Real de la Santa Fe in San Francisco de Asís, the Royal City of Santa Fe in San Francisco de Asís.

The city sponsored architectural restoration projects and erected new buildings according to traditional techniques and styles, thus creating the style of Santa Fe. The Santa Fe National Cemetery was created by the federal government after the war of 1870 to entertain Union soldiers who died fighting there. The student population of Santa Fe, NM, is biased toward women, with 224 male students and 398 female students. Multi-purpose bicycle, pedestrian and equestrian trails are becoming increasingly popular in Santa Fe, both for recreation and commuting.

The area around Santa Fe was occupied for thousands of years by indigenous people who built villages several hundred years ago on the current site of the city. Primary care physicians in Santa Fe County, NM, see 878 patients per year on average, a decrease of 1.46% from the previous year (891 patients). This is also the time of the annual Santa Fe Festivities, which celebrate the reconquest of Santa Fe by Don Diego de Vargas, a highlight of which is the fiery Zozobra (Penumbra del Viejo), a 15 m puppet.

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