Where are santa ana mountains?

The Santa Ana Mountains are a short peninsular mountain range along the coast of Southern California in the United States. They extend approximately 61 miles (98 km) southeast of the Los Angeles Basin, largely along the border between Orange and Riverside Counties. Our editors will review what you submitted and determine if they should review the article.

Santa Ana

Mountains, Coastal Range Segment (see Pacific Mountain System), Southern California, USA UU.

The mountain range extends about 25 miles (40 km) from the Santa Ana River south along the Orange-Riverside County line. Located south and east of the city of Santa Ana, the mountains rise to their highest point at Santiago Peak, at a height of 5,687 feet (1,733 meters). They are located within a division of the Cleveland National Forest. The western part of the mountains contains Limestone Canyon and Whiting Ranch Wilderness Park, and at the eastern end is Glen Ivy Hot Springs.

They extend approximately 35 miles (56 km) southeast of the Los Angeles Basin, largely along the border between Orange and Riverside Counties. In addition to the diversity of plants, the Santa Ana Mountains are also a good place to observe wildlife. The second highest peak in the Santa Ana Mountains, Modjeska Peak, is located in the Cleveland National Forest mountain range and is named after Helena Modjeska, the famous Shakespeare actress. The Upper Hot Spring Canyon Falls have an elevation of 700 feet with a surprisingly beautiful and surprisingly large depth that makes them a very popular spot to explore in the Santa Ana Mountains.

The Saddleback, located approximately 20 miles (32 km) east of Santa Ana, is visible from much of Southern California and is generally the only part of the mountain range high enough to be dusted with snow in winter storms. Natural Resources As part of California's Floristic Province, the Santa Ana Mountains are home to a diverse variety of plant species within distinctive natural communities (plants), including coastal sage scrub, chaparral, riparian forest, southern oak forest, rock outcrop, spring pool, grasslands of the valley and montane Coniferous forest. Like much of California, people have tried mining in Santa Anas, although they were never very successful. It also offers good access to the rest of the world's major cities through San Diego International Airport or Tijuana International Airport.

Santa Ana Mountains, segment of the coastal mountain ranges (see Pacific Mountain System), Southern California, U. Towards Anaheim Hill, below the Santa Ana Mountains, is the Weir Canyon Trail, an unspoiled jewel near Santa Ana. The outside view of the Santa Ana Mountains may seem less appealing and pleasing to the eye, but as you enter those canyons, it's where you'll find the best of serenity. Official Settlement Name of Santa Ana, California Infobox %3D City of Santa Ana, California Settlement Type %3D City Image Size %3D Image Caption %3D Image Map Size %3D Map Title 250x200px %3D Location of Santa Ana in Orange County, California.

It's easy to get to the city from John Wayne, Long Beach, Ontario, or LAX airports, making it a good place to start your adventures in the Santa Ana Mountains. Fall lies deep in the pristine depths of Harding Canyon, within a tranquil riverside wonderland that makes it one of the best places to visit in the Santa Ana Mountains.

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