What percent of santa ana is hispanic?

Race and ethnicity 77, 9% of people in Santa Ana, CA are Hispanic (259k people). The table below shows the 7 races represented in Santa Ana, CA as a proportion of the total population.

Santa Ana

was listed as a municipality in Los Angeles County in the 1860 and 1870 censuses, with an area that encompasses most of what is now north and center of Orange County. Amtrak, the national passenger train system, serves Santa Ana several times Monday through Friday with less frequent service on weekends.

In 1887, the California Central Railroad (which became a subsidiary of Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway the following year) broke the local South Pacific monopoly on rail travel, offering services between Los Angeles and San Diego via Santa Ana as a major intermediate station. The origins of Santa Ana began in 1810, when the Spanish governor of California granted the Rancho Santiago de Santa Ana to José Antonio Yorba. The total number of foreigners who are not U.S. citizens living in Santa Ana is 69,071, of these 409 are from Europe, 6,119 are from Asia, 248 from Africa, 62,062 are from Latin America and 187 are from North America.

The median age of the population of Santa Ana is 33.2, the population of Santa Ana by age is, under 18 is 85,052, 16 years or older is 257,721, 18 years or older is 247,280, 21 years or older is 231,389, 65 years or older is 43,514. Firestone Boulevard, the first direct driving route between Los Angeles and Santa Ana, opened in 1935; expanded a la Santa Ana Highway in 1953. To compete with this, Santa Ana has approved commercial projects in the South Coast metropolitan area, as well as the Metro East development, located at the confluence of the Santa Ana Highway and the Costa Mesa Highway. With the most current & most popular demographics, it's the perfect starting point for your research on Santa Ana and the rest of California. Also on the east side of the city is the Santa Ana Zoo, which stands out for its collection of monkeys and species from South and Central America. Like most minority-majority cities in the United States, Santa Ana is a stronghold of the Democratic Party.

The base was responsible for continued population growth in Santa Ana and the rest of Orange County, as many veterans moved to the area to raise families after the end of the war. The Asian population in Santa Ana is 36,643, in percentage, 11.0 percent are Asian, of these 1,837 are Asian Indians, 1,798 are Chinese, 2,730 are Filipino, 770 are Japanese, 742 are Korean, 23,449 are Vietnamese and 5,317 are from other Asian countries. But be careful, Santa Ana, because Riverside with 327,569 people and Stockton with 311,103 people are right behind you. Operate your Pacific Surfliner between San Diego to the south and Los Angeles or San Luis Obispo to the north (see Santa Ana Regional Transportation Center).

The occupancy rate is 96, 41.55% of homes are owner-occupied and 54.49% of homes are tenant-occupied in Santa Ana.

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