How much of santa ana is hispanic?

Race and ethnicity 77, 9% of people in Santa Ana, CA are Hispanic (259k people). In 1905, the Los Angeles Interurban Railroad, predecessor of the Pacific Electric Railway, extended from Los Angeles to Santa Ana, passing Fourth Street in the city center. The base was responsible for continued population growth in Santa Ana and the rest of Orange County, as many veterans moved to the area to raise families after the end of the war. Greyhound Lines is Santa Ana's largest bus service and serves the continental United States and Canada.

Greenville, a former rural area of Santa Ana, has buildings that are more than a century old, but industrial complexes have replaced the agricultural fields that once surrounded the city. The Garden Grove Highway (State Route 2) runs near the northern border of Santa Ana and connects Long Beach to the west and the city of Orange to the east. Of the 20% lowest automatic response districts in Orange County (116 districts with an SRR of less than 71%), there were 26 census districts that overlapped the city of Santa Ana. The occupancy rate is 96, 41.55% of homes are owner-occupied and 54.49% of homes are tenant-occupied in Santa Ana.

Having been a constituent city since November 11, 1952, the citizens of Santa Ana amended the charter in November 1988 to provide for the direct election of the mayor, who until then had been appointed from among the members of the council. One of Santa Ana's most notable businesses is the musical instrument company Rickenbacker, whose electric guitars and basses became famous in the hands of many rock and roll legends. Since the 1980s, Santa Ana has been characterized by an effort to revitalize the city center, whose influence had diminished, even as it had become a dynamic shopping and entertainment center for working-class Latinos. Some highways cross Santa Ana and connect it to other areas of Orange County, the greater Los Angeles area, and beyond.

The Santa Ana Unified School District includes 37 K-5 elementary schools, nine middle schools 6-8, eight high schools 9-12, five special schools, and one charter school. Santa Ana is the corporate headquarters of several companies, including Behr Paint, First American Corporation, Greenwood & Hall, Ingram Micro, SchoolsFirst Federal Credit Union, STEC, TTM Technologies, Kern's and Wahoo Fish Taco. Santa Ana is the corporate headquarters of several companies, Santa Ana is part of a metropolitan area that includes Los Angeles and Long Beach. The core of the city is the downtown area, which contains both stores and housing, as well as the Santa Ana Civic Center, which is a dense campus of administrative buildings for both the city and Orange County.

In 1810, the first year of Mexico's War of Independence, José Antonio Yorba, a sergeant in the Spanish army, was granted land that he called Rancho Santiago de Santa Ana.

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