What is santa ana ca?

Santa Ana is a city in Orange County, California. It is home to the Santa Ana Zoo, with its monkeys, its mini-train and an aviary for walking. In a Mission Revival style building, the Bowers Museum exhibits a large collection of Native American art. The Discovery Cube of Orange County is a children's museum with hands-on science exhibits.

Orange County Heritage Museum features restored 1890 homes set amidst gardens. The city of Santa Ana is an ethnically diverse 27 square mile city located 35 miles south of Los Angeles and approximately ten miles inland from the Pacific Ocean. With a total population of more than 335,000, Santa Ana is the second largest city in Orange County and serves as the county seat. The city comprises more than 60 different neighborhoods.

The Santa Ana Unified School District is the local school district that serves the majority of our community. In addition, there are six neighboring school districts serving parts of the city, including the unified school districts of Garden Grove, Tustin, Orange, Irvine, Newport-Mesa and Huntington Beach. Santa Ana is a Southern California city in Orange County, California. It is the seat of Orange County.

Our editors will review what you submitted and determine if they should review the article. Santa Ana is the corporate headquarters of several large companies, including Behr Paint and First American Financial Corporation. Since the 1980s, Santa Ana has been characterized by an effort to revitalize the downtown area, whose influence had diminished, even as it had become a dynamic shopping and entertainment center for working-class Latinos. Santa Ana is the corporate headquarters of several companies, including Behr Paint, First American Corporation, Greenwood & Hall, Ingram Micro, SchoolsFirst Federal Credit Union, STEC, TTM Technologies, Kern's and Wahoo Fish Taco.

The community developed as a hub for Santa Ana Valley produce after the South Pacific Railroad connected it (187) to Los Angeles. In 1887, the California Central Railroad (which became a subsidiary of Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway the following year) broke the local South Pacific monopoly on rail travel, offering services between Los Angeles and San Diego via Santa Ana as a major intermediate station. Having been a constituent city since November 11, 1952, the citizens of Santa Ana amended the charter in November 1988 to provide for the direct election of the mayor, who until then had been appointed from among the members of the council. Santa Ana has several wall paintings and murals that represent local history, community events, and cultural diversity in Orange County.

Santa Ana has highly competitive college and high school sports teams that play at the Santa Ana Stadium and at the Santa Ana Unified School District Sports Complex Stadium. It was explored by the Spaniard Gaspar de Portol√° in 1769, and later Juan Pablo Grijalva (180) was granted a land concession for the area, which he called Rancho Santiago de Santa Ana and developed for cattle grazing and agriculture. There is a seasonal Santa Ana River that crosses or is adjacent to many holes on the course, giving you that additional obstacle to avoid while you play your shots. Charles Bowers was a land developer who lived in Orange County and before his death he donated land to the city of Santa Ana.

The first people to arrive in the area named the newly founded Rancho Santiago de Santa Ana settlement in honor of Santa Ana. Across the west end of the city is the mostly channeled Santa Ana River, which is also largely seasonal due to the construction of the Prado Dam and Seven Oaks Dam. In 1958, Honer Plaza and Bullock's Fashion Square shopping centers were opened, which would replace downtown Santa Ana, with its department stores such as Rankin's, Ward's, Penney's and Buffums. .

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