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Santa Ana is bustling with business and industry, from hotels and restaurants to factories and medical facilities. It is also home to John Wayne International Airport, the main airport in Orange County. John Wayne Airport offers business and leisure transport to destinations around the world and features the Lyon Air Museum, an air museum with historic vehicles and aircraft, including motorcycles and military vehicles. Charles Bowers was a land developer who lived in Orange County and before his death he donated a parcel of land to the city of Santa Ana.

In 1931, after the death of his wife, a building was built on the land and in 1936 the Charles W. Bowers Memorial Museum opened for the first time. Over the decades, the museum has undergone several renovations and the size of the museum has increased tenfold. The museum is a great place to take a look at the different cultures of the world and there are more than 100,000 articles to read carefully.

The Lyon Air Museum in Santa Ana places special emphasis on things related to the Second World War. The museum is located at John Wayne Airport and has many items worth seeing. There are motorcycles, vehicles used by the military, cars and, of course, airplanes. Some of the most famous aircraft include a Cessna O-1E Dog and a Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress.

The Lyon Air Museum is an excellent day out for the family and the information along with each exhibition makes the trip interesting and educational. The Fullerton Grand Central Art Center at California State University is an extraordinary venue that spans an entire block in length and covers three levels in height. The center has a total of 45,000 square feet that is dedicated to study spaces for visual arts students. If you are enrolled in the University Arts Program, you will rent an apartment and be assigned a study for your use.

The building also has an area where international artists can hold exhibitions, these exhibitions focus on the educational process and its direct focus. When water flows through the Santa Ana Mountains, most of the water goes to the Santiago stream. The stream is 34 miles long and is a tributary of the Santa Ana River, there are a total of 10 main tributaries that run from the Santiago stream. Along the Santiago River is Lake Irvine, where you can openly fish without a license.

The reservoir was first supplied with fish in the 1930s and is still replenished weekly. Sitting under the Pacific Building on Broadway and 3rd is an underground bar called The Copper Door. The building was inspired by underground culture and is a cool and modern place to hang out. There is a 30-foot communal table in the bar that was carved from a single 400-year-old pine tree that fell naturally.

People flock from everywhere to try the 20 different craft beers and 8 moonshine cocktails served on tap. Live shows and special events are regularly held here, and there are two tables for those who want to play pool. In 1958, Honer Plaza and Bullock's Fashion Square shopping centers opened and would replace downtown Santa Ana, with its department stores such as Rankin's, Ward's, Penney's and Buffums. Like most minority-majority cities in the United States, Santa Ana is a stronghold of the Democratic Party.

Located in the center of Orange County, along the Santa Ana River, the city of Santa Ana is the most populous city and largest city in Orange County, with an area of 27.2 square miles. During World War II, the Santa Ana Army Air Base was built as a training center for the United States Army Air Force. The city's largest employers are Orange County, Santa Ana Unified School District, Santa Ana College, First American Title Company, City of Santa Ana, KPC Healthcare, California Superior Court, Orange County, United States Postal Service, and Johnson & Johnson. It also shares its name with the nearby Santa Ana Mountains and the infamous Santa Ana winds, which have historically fueled seasonal wildfires throughout Southern California.

However, there is no supporting evidence to suggest this and the first documented uses of Santa Ana were in reference to the Santa Ana winds. The downtown area also contains shops and housing, as well as the Santa Ana Civic Center and the Ronald Reagan Courthouse and Federal Building. Santa Ana's population growth is attributed in part to the Santa Ana Army Air Base that was built here as a training center during World War II for the U.

downtown Santa Ana

hosts many community events, such as Farmers Market, Artwalk, Savor Santa Ana and music nights.

The city of Santa Ana is a busy urban area with close ties to the founding of Orange County, being the county seat and still containing major government facilities, such as the Superior Courthouse and the Civic Center. The Santa Ana Highway (Interstate) runs north to Los Angeles and south to South Orange County and San Diego. The Santa Ana Artist Village was created around the Grand Central Art Center at Cal State Fullerton to attract artists and young professionals to live-work lofts and new businesses. Santa Ana, approximately four-fifths of Latinos, has been characterized by The New York Times as the face of a new California, a state in which Latinos have more influence in everyday electoral, cultural and demographic life than almost anywhere else in the country.

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