How did santa ana ca get its name?

After the expedition of Gaspar de Portolá in 1769 from Mexico City, then capital of New Spain, Fr. Junípero Serra called the Vallejo area of Santa Ana (Santa Ana Valley, or Santa Ana Valley). On November 1, 1776, the San Juan Capistrano Mission was established within this valley. Our editors will review what you submitted and determine if they should review the article.

In short, they are caused by high pressure on the Mohave Desert and the Great Basin, along with overall low pressure in Southern California. Hot, dry, high-pressure air seeks to go to low-pressure areas. Normally, this would be a fairly quiet exchange, but because of all the mountains that surround Southern California, air movements are channeled through the three main mountain passes: Soledad, Cajón and San Gorgonio. This channeling action creates huge wind currents that result in those fierce and dry gusts that we know very well in our area.

The Santa Ana Chamber of Commerce hosted a breakfast to stimulate Main Street business between 4th & 5th Streets on July 27, 1931. Santa Ana is also developing a citywide historic preservation plan to guide future preservation efforts. However, there is no supporting evidence to suggest this and the first documented uses of Santa Ana were in reference to the Santa Ana winds. A hundred years ago, a small town of about 4,900 people fought its neighbors in Anaheim to become the seat of government for the newly formed Orange County. Under a Spanish land concession, the area was developed as Rancho Santiago de Santa Ana for grazing and livestock farming.

Downtown Santa Ana hosts many community events, such as the Farmers Market, Artwalk, Savor Santa Ana, and music nights. Santa Ana began to grow after the South Pacific Railroad built a line to the area in 1877. The city's largest employers are Orange County, Santa Ana Unified School District, Santa Ana College, First American Title Company, City of Santa Ana, KPC Healthcare, California Superior Court - Orange County, U.S. Department of State, and Johnson & Johnson. It was one of those hot and dry Santa Anas that goes down the mountain passes and curls your hair and makes your nerves jump and your skin itches.

The city of Santa Ana is a busy urban area with close ties to the founding of Orange County, being the county seat and still containing major government facilities, such as the Superior Courthouse and the Civic Center. After intense lobbying in Sacramento, Santa Ana won the county seat designation and became the area's political power base. The city of Santa Ana was established in 1869, becoming the seat of Orange County when it separated from Los Angeles in 1889. While that's incorrect, apparently enough people believed him or wanted to get rid of the negative connotations of the Santa Ana winds in the city of the same name. In addition to the Downtown District and Artist's Village, Santa Ana offers many other cultural and educational facilities for the public, such as the Bower Museum, the Discovery Cube of Orange County, the Orange County Heritage Museum, the Lyon Air Museum and the Santa Ana Zoo.

William Spurgeon purchased 70 acres of land in 1869 from the Yorba family and established the new city of Santa Ana. However, the fact that the Santa Ana winds bore the name of their city did not please the members of the Chamber of Commerce of the city of Santa Ana, and they fought for years to have its name changed.

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